2024 Season Vendors

cooperstown cheese

Aux Bon Fromages

Laeticia and Eduardo, previously known as Cooperstown Cheese in our market, have reorganized and formed their own company. They will be returning as Aux Bon Fromages. As before, they will bring artisanal cheeses from raw cow's milk and goat's milk created by regional farm fromagers.

Did you know? In general, cow's milk cheese tends to be rich and buttery, goat's milk cheeses carry a sharp tang, and sheep's milk cheeses have a mild nutty flavor. At the market, you can ask the experts and find just the right cheese for your palate.

fire Cider

Bee Wild Rose

Fire Cider: Apple cider vinegar wellness tonic" Melissa explains, "It is an apple cider vinegar enhanced with over 20 beneficial roots, fruits, veggies, and herbs. We grow (or obtain locally) as many as possible. We then steep the ingredients in the vinegar for 30 days. After 30 days, we add local wildflower honey from our beekeeping friends resulting in a delicious wellness tonic."

Melissa continues, "Each ingredient brings something special to the table - whether it be the ginger to aid digestion and relieve muscle and arthritis pain, turmeric to fight inflammation, or citrus for antioxidants and to boost immunity."


BlackRock Baker

Theresa is making a much-anticipated return to the Hudson Valley, bringing with her an array of fabulous baked treats. Known for her exceptional skills in baking, Theresa's specialties include delightfully crunchy biscotti and aromatic herbed breads that are a true testament to her culinary finesse.

fresh blueberries

Blueberry Mountain Farms

All our produce including our blueberries is grown naturally without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our delicious eggs come from free-range, happy chickens.

When Chickens have access to natural protein, sun, and exercise at Blueberry Mountain Farms, they are happier.  And, it has been said, that happier chickens lay healthier eggs.


Flotsam Made

Flotsam was born from a desire to create something out of furniture found on the streets, destined for the landfill. From spoons and cutting boards to side tables and bookshelves. After I source the wood, I must deconstruct it and/or bring each piece down to a manageable size, then I cut and shape each piece individually. The production process is a dance between the planer, table saw, bandsaw, and an array of different sanding and hand tools.

Gary's pickels

Gary's Pickles

Gary's Pickles Looking for the ideal snack? Picking up a jar of Gary's Pickles is never a bad idea. Our business was founded in 1986 by Gary Karp to provide delectable, fresh pickles to the local markets in Hudson Valley, NY.

Gary and his friend, Barry Bliden, worked together to bring our products to the local community for more than 27 years. When Gary passed away in 2013, Barry took over Gary's Pickles and kept its name in honor of its founder. Now, he runs the business alongside his wife, daughter and sons.

High Bridge Farm

High Bridge Farm

High Bridge Farm is a small family-owned beef and pork farm in Greenville, NY.


Highland Kitchen & Gardens

Highland Kitchen & Gardens takes produce from our own gardens, and delectables from many of our fellow vendors and turns them into delicious goodies to eat. In addition to a Rainbow of Juices, we make gourmet wraps, soups, salads, and a variety of baked goods. Highland Kitchen & Gardens looks forward to chatting with you soon, and feeding you!


LaCatena Verdura Fresca

LaCatena Verdura Fresca, which in Italian means "fresh vegetables" was started in 2023 by Joseph LaCatena. He wanted to grow different organic, fresh, tasty, and nutrient-dense vegetables in the black dirt region of Chester, NY. Joseph was introduced to farming while attending college at SUNY Cobleskill, where he graduated with a horticulture degree. Since graduating he worked in different lands throughout New York and has worked the black dirt for the past four years.

Lilly Bear Treats

Lilly Bear Treats

Lilly Bear Treats is the Leading All Natural Pet Treat in the Hudson Valley
Lilly Bear Treats is Growing not only in the leading Healthiest Pet Treats of the Hudson Valley, but the leader in giving back in the area. With 15 % of Proceeds going towards Good Deeds in our Neighborhoods more and more Pet Parents are switching to Lilly Bear Treats.


LunaGrown Jam

LunaGrown Jam, a small-scale jam, jelly, and Marmalade manufacturer located in New York State. Offering consumers, a traditionally made, small-batch product, avoiding commercial additives and excess sugars. The company's motto "It Begins With A Memory" reflects its approach to product creation and consumer interaction."It is our intent to help embolden life's moments with a thoughtfully made product. To become part of our consumer's daily activities, the good ones, and the challenging ones. Hopefully to be part of their family traditions for generations to come. We thought, let's start mornings off that way, and then keep going."

Milk & Honey Logo

Milk & Honey Cookery

Melissa Jaycox is the founder and owner of Milk and Honey Cookery, located just up the road in Hurleyville. We are pleased she will be joining our  family of distinctive vendors this year and introducing our community to her home-made ice cream, root beer floats, and her festive, creative charcuterie boards.

Of course, they can take a pint or two of Melissa's homemade ice cream to enjoy later with the family - or maybe with just a spoon and a good movie.

Melissa creates her own charcuterie boards made from components sourced from local farms. Order one at the Market to pick up next week or for a local delivery.

Marley's Mushrooms

Marley's Organic Mushrooms & Wild Food

Marleys Mushrooms is the Poconos Mountains' first, Certified Wild Mushroom and Gourmet Mushroom Farm.

In addition to growing their wide variety of mushrooms, Bryan is a Certified Wild Mushroom buyer and purveyor. He says," We will continue to forage mushrooms until the snow falls. Then we switch to the west coast "wilds" through our network of foragers out there." By spring we are back East. Want to learn more, Marley's also offers classes.

Montauk Catch Club Logo

Montauk Catch Club

Fresh seafood delivery in BK, NYC & the Hudson Valley. "From the ocean floor to your front door." Join the club to receive weekly catch updates.

Montauk Catch Club has a membership club that allows you to subscribe to get their weekly emails with the week's seafood catch order form. As a member, you can select the fish or prepared food you would like and if available, pick it up at the market. See website for details.

The Ott'rageous Cookie Co. Logo

The Ott'Rageous Cookie Company

The Ott'rageous Cookie Co. is a home-based cookie company making a variety of fresh-baked cookies (currently 11+ flavors).

Our cookies are made with real butter, pure extracts, and ingredients found in most kitchens. Ray Otte started baking and selling cookies in January 2005 as a means to make extra income to support his young family.

You can now find The Ott'rageous Cookie Co. at markets and events all around the Hudson Valley. They deliver and ship as well.

pazdar wine

Pazdar Winery

The Pazdar Winery was started in 1995 by the David and Tracy Pazdar to give you innovative and highly creative wines for your palate as well as top quality varietals. The "house" label comes from the original intended name for the winery "Chateau de la Forme Brise'" A name that was created back when David was still in college. It translates as the House of the Broken Mold. They average 2-3 new wines each year. Wines are fermented in small barrels, the largest being 60 gallons. In addition to using top quality grapes and other fruits from around New York, they use the finest spices from around the world. Many of the spices they grow themselves on their property.

pegs plants

Peg's Plants & Pottery

Peg Berg is the owner of Peg's Plants and Pottery. Located in Mamakating's neighboring Town,  Forestburg, Peg offers a variety of unique stoneware pieces and cut flower bouquets. All seasonal flowers are grown in her backyard without chemicals or pesticides and cut at the peak of freshness for a long vase life.

The pottery pieces are hand-built or wheel-thrown, fired at her home, and made with lead-free and non-toxic glazes. All pieces are dishwasher, oven, microwave, freezer, and dinnerware safe.

Right from the hive bees honeycomb

Right From The Hive

Best quality honey" is our motto here at Right from the Hive. What started out as a small family farm in 2010 soon became a thriving business, with dozens of beehives and a variety of products. In everything that we do, we are committed to producing organic, eco-friendly, and healthy goods at affordable prices.

royal acres

Royal Acres

For the first three weeks of the market, Royal Acres Farm will be providing flowering plants, vegetable plants, herbs, and perennials  to the Mamakating Farmers Market.  "Just in time to complete the planting of your gardens and the decoration of your decks and property".

Wondering where you could find strong, healthy vegetables and herbs for your garden - at the Royal Acres Farm stall at the Mamakating Farmers Market, of course.


Springbrook Hollow Distillery

Our farm distillery is nestled within the Foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. We produce hand-crafted, high-quality spirits in a natural and innovative process.

We are located 5 miles from Lake George, New York in a quiet pastoral setting. Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery is located on 200 acres of land with fantastic views of French Mountain of "French and Indian War" fame. Outdoor seating is available to relax and view the stunning landscapes and wildlife.

Thats my dog cart

That's My Dog Cart

Millie Nestor and That's My Dog Cart will "becoming around the Mountain" from Bloomingburg for her third year. From her glistening, stainless-steel cart Millie serves hot dogs (of course), hamburgers, meatball or sausage and pepper sandwiches. Toppings include ketchup, mustard, onions, relish, chili, or cheese.

apple Blueberry dog treats

Tootsie & Treats

Our handmade, all natural dog treats are sure to impress your pup! We use wholesome, natural ingredients, locally sources whenever possible, and NO preservatives.

We sell boutique bags of small batch, homemade, all natural, human grade ingredient dog treats. Since we use no preservatives, our treats are NOT SOFT!

We dry them out to remove moisture as the only measure of preserving. Should your pup find them a little too crunchy, simply soften them up with a little water.

Virture Threads 2

Virtue Threads

At Virtue Threads our mission is simple yet profound: To inspire an incredible life through the wisdom of humanity's greatest minds. Wisdom isn't confined to dusty tomes; it's a powerful force that shapes our lives.

We create each wearable message as an echo of timeless wisdom. Our unusual designs capture the words of the greatest philosophers, warriors, writers, and poets with unique compelling graphics.

Yemallah Naturals

Yemallah Naturals

Nu, creator of Yemallah Naturals will also be joining our family of distinguished vendors this year.

In the spirit of Moorish tradition of improving and uplifting humanity, Nu creates herbal lotions and oils, healing scents, incense burners, hand-made pottery, and hand-crafted jewelry (of brass, copper, hematite, and Cameroon cowrie shells).

Nu says her creations convey "love, prosperity, and fertility".

Educational Not for Profit


Basha Kill Area Association

The BKAA works with representatives of local government and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to address potential problems. We monitor local Town Board and Planning Board meetings and stay apprised of potential development.

The BKAA partners with other environmental groups to safeguard the region's valuable resources. We are a hands-on organization. The BKAA sponsors an annual litter cleanup at the wetlands, conducts a water-quality monitoring project, and sponsors a volunteer nature watch program.

In addition, we also provide free educational programming to the community.

kids water

Mamakating Environmental Education Center

Mamakating Environmental Education Center is a beautiful community resource situated on the Bashakill.

Owned by the Town of Mamakating, we focus on environmental education, local history, and promoting local businesses.

Our not-for-profit arm, the Friends of MEEC is a volunteer and fundraising organization that, without whom, the center could not succeed. Check out our web page or FB page for upcoming programs.

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