2023 Season Vendors

chestnut creek

Chestnut Creek Baked Goods

In 2014, Chef Mary graduated with High Honors from SUNY Sullivan earning Associates Degrees in Professional Chef and Hospitality & Tourism. SUNY Sullivan taught Chef Mary the skills necessary to start up and maintain a food service business, in addition to making amazing desserts and other baked goods! We are committed to serving quality food and exceptional customer service. We strive to develop rewarding relationships with our customers, employees, and the community.

cooperstown cheese

Cooperstown Cheese

Cooperstown Cheese Company makes a variety of artisanal cheeses including their Toma Celena and Jersey Girl. More than just cheese, you’ll find local goods, amazing cheesecake, milk, and more!


Four Wall Farm

Our family has a cooking tradition that goes back generations and we know that sharing good food is showing love!  That’s why we love sharing both our mushrooms and our family tested recipes. We hope that with every bite you will feel the same love that we feel when sharing them.

Gary's pickels

Gary's Pickles

Gary’s Pickles Looking for the ideal snack? Picking up a jar of Gary’s Pickles is never a bad idea. Our business was founded in 1986 by Gary Karp to provide delectable, fresh pickles to the local markets in Hudson Valley, NY.

Gary and his friend, Barry Bliden, worked together to bring our products to the local community for more than 27 years. When Gary passed away in 2013, Barry took over Gary’s Pickles and kept its name in honor of its founder. Now, he runs the business alongside his wife, daughter and sons.


Great Joy Family Farm

Great Joy Family Farm was established in May 2018 with the goal to build up a natural, healthy, and workable land. We began raising livestock– cattle, sheep, and chickens; they live in such great harmony. We gradually filled our pond with ducks and geese and our pigs. What an enjoyable animal world. Then we started growing our food both for ourselves and our animals in an organic way, growing all kinds of vegetables, grains, and fruits harvested abundantly. What a blessing! With plenty of healthy, natural produce to share with our neighbors, we set up a farm stand. With a big smile, people came, tasted our naturally grown foods, and showed their approval. How happy we are! Our dream has come true!

Happy Herbs Soaps

Happy Herbs Soap

Vegetable oils, infused with my own herbs are the heart of my cold process soap. These herbs, along with exotic roots and resins are mixed for my incense. Visit me at events on the Grahamsville Fairgrounds and at local farmers markets. Enjoy “herbal alchemy of soap and incense craft.”

High Bridge Farm

High Bridge Farm

High Bridge Farm is a small family-owned beef and pork farm in Greenville, NY.


Highland Kitchen & Gardens

Highland Kitchen & Gardens takes produce from our own gardens, and delectables from many of our fellow vendors and turns them into delicious goodies to eat. In addition to a Rainbow of Juices, we make gourmet wraps, soups, salads, and a variety of baked goods. Highland Kitchen & Gardens looks forward to chatting with you soon, and feeding you!

Lilly Bear Treats

Lilly Bear Treats

Lilly Bear Treats is the Leading All Natural Pet Treat in the Hudson Valley
Lilly Bear Treats is Growing not only in the leading Healthiest Pet Treats of the Hudson Valley, but the leader in giving back in the area. With 15 % of Proceeds going towards Good Deeds in our Neighborhoods more and more Pet Parents are switching to Lilly Bear Treats.

Island house gourmet

Island House Gourmet

Years in the making! Island House Gourmet!

north wind bread co

North Wind Bread Company

An Artisan Bakery in Downtown, Middletown, Specializing in Sourdough, Laminated Pastries, Coffee, Teas & Homemade Beverages. Now Offering Hot Soups, Fresh Salads, and Crafted Sandwiches Through our BAKED by Oak & Reed Platform.

pazdar wine

Pazdar Winery

The Pazdar Winery was started in 1995 by the David and Tracy Pazdar to give you innovative and highly creative wines for your palate as well as top quality varietals. The “house” label comes from the original intended name for the winery “Chateau de la Forme Brise'” A name that was created back when David was still in college. It translates as the House of the Broken Mold. They average 2-3 new wines each year. Wines are fermented in small barrels, the largest being 60 gallons. In addition to using top quality grapes and other fruits from around New York, they use the finest spices from around the world. Many of the spices they grow themselves on their property.

hanging basket royal acres

Royal Acres

Royal Acres Farm and CSA offer their members a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers throughout the season. We are a certified naturally grown family farm operation whose main concern is growing the highest quality products without causing any negative impact on the environment. Our products are grown on both upland ground in the Town of Wallkill, and black dirt ground in Florida, New York. Will be offering plants and hanging baskets for spring and summer planting.

Right from the hive bees honeycomb

Right From The Hive

Best quality honey” is our motto here at Right from the Hive. What started out as a small family farm in 2010 soon became a thriving business, with dozens of beehives and a variety of products. In everything that we do, we are committed to producing organic, eco-friendly, and healthy goods at affordable prices.

shiba three

Shiba Three Barkery

Jessica had the brilliant idea of making all natural home-made treats and Shiba Three Barkery was born! We began with two flavors and sent taste-tester boxes all around the US to see what other humans and their pups thought of our treats (because our three LOVED them). From that day forward, we realized that we could make a HUGE impact on how people view treats for their pups.


Springbrook Hollow Distillery

Our farm distillery is nestled within the Foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. We produce hand-crafted, high-quality spirits in a natural and innovative process.

We are located 5 miles from Lake George, New York in a quiet pastoral setting. Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery is located on 200 acres of land with fantastic views of French Mountain of “French and Indian War” fame. Outdoor seating is available to relax and view the stunning landscapes and wildlife.

the spice apothecary

The Spice Apothecary

We put our heart and soul into every blend we create. We research & test each recipe until we feel it’s delicious enough to put The Spice Apothecary’s name on it.

All of our spices & herbs are from a co-op that sustainably sources from around the world. Their products are Fair Trade Certified which is internationally recognized as the gold standard for social responsibility & quality.

Thats my dog cart

That's My Dog Cart

Burgers, Dogs, Salads, Cold Drinks

Educational Not for Profit


Basha Kill Area Association

The BKAA works with representatives of local government and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to address potential problems. We monitor local Town Board and Planning Board meetings and stay apprised of potential development.

The BKAA partners with other environmental groups to safeguard the region’s valuable resources. We are a hands-on organization. The BKAA sponsors an annual litter cleanup at the wetlands, conducts a water-quality monitoring project, and sponsors a volunteer nature watch program.

In addition, we also provide free educational programming to the community.

deerpark rural alliance

Deerpark Rural Alliance & NY environ

NYenvironcom is a New York non-profit organization with a committed mission to help create, build, and strengthen thoughtful land use policies and practices that encompass environmental, community, and economic values.

Mamakating library

Mamakating Library

We are an all-access library that offers MANY resources and programs to the local community. See what we have for you, both in person and online!
The Mamakating Library is the learning center of our community and the place people turn to for the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading, and the power of information. Community needs drive our services and we take a personal interest in ensuring that they are delivered in a welcoming, convenient and responsive manner.

kids water

Mamakating Environmental Education Center

Mamakating Environmental Education Center is a beautiful community resource situated on the Bashakill.

Owned by the Town of Mamakating, we focus on environmental education, local history, and promoting local businesses.

Our not-for-profit arm, the Friends of MEEC is a volunteer and fundraising organization that, without whom, the center could not succeed. Check out our web page or FB page for upcoming programs.